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Here at Barnaby Clarke recruitment training we create unique coaching and training days and short courses to help keep your recruitment staff at the cutting edge. We help your staff to help you achieve the results you want. Now you have found us, let’s talk soon.


Barnaby Clarke Recruitment Training partner with agencies large and small, who place a value on developing and retaining their staff.  We believe wholeheartedly in recruiters and the support staff being accountable for their results and know that the best way to achieve that is to ensure they are equipped with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to succeed.  We love recruitment and all that comes with it and project that in everything we do.


Barnaby Clarke Recruitment Training offer both tailor made and ‘off the shelf’ training solutions specifically designed to fit the Recruitment Industry.  Whether you are looking for an induction plan, refresher workshop or an ongoing leadership development programme, with over 17 years of experience gained in the recruitment industry, we are confident we will be able to help. We can help by training your staff to achieve the success you desire.


As well as recruitment workshops and tailormade programmes, Barnaby Clarke Recruitment Training offers performance coaching support by our industry experienced, qualified Coaches.  This could be listening into calls/feedback with Recruiters, one to one support and observations with Team Managers or business support for Directors and business leaders.  Whatever the level, you will be left with a clear action plan for the next steps of development.

Our Recruitment Training Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

From entering the recruitment industry in 1999 through to today, the founder has always believed in the value of offering a solid recruitment solution.  Built from a passion for the industry comes a belief in an efficient and smart recruitment processes focusing on achieving a ‘win-win’ outcome for everyone.  We offer effective, powerful and importantly, useful sessions with the intention of supporting our customers in achieving their goals, improve on their ROI in order to achieve the success they desire at any particular time.

Our Vision

Through partnering with recruitment companies, large and small, we endeavour to strengthen not only our own service offering but the service offering of each business that we work.  We will do this through promoting professionalism, accountability, high service levels and efficient performance strategies within the recruitment industry in general.  We will ensure that all parties encountering us receive a collaborative, valuable and memorable experience within a mature, motivational and inspiring environment.

Our Values

– Working in true partnership

– Consistent follow-up

– Passion for improvement

– Integrity

– Honesty

– Simplicity

– Fostering a mature working environment

– and having fun with it too


We are passionate about both recruitment and training and would love to hear from you about the support you are looking for to strengthen your business. 

Either choose from our list of standardised recruitment workshops or let us tailor our service to your exact needs.

We mainly cover Birmingham, West Midlands, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Staffordshire, Shropshire and Warwickshire. However we always welcome the opportunity to work with recruitment businesses nationwide.