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Barnaby Clarke Recruitment Training


Barnaby Clarke Training is a professional Training and Performance Coaching company who dedicate their time completely to supporting the Recruitment Industry.

We partner with clients who wish to improve their recruitment service offering to their customers; who pro-actively offer true support to their Consultants, Managers and Resource teams and ultimately who strive to retain their staff and achieve all the benefits that staff retention brings.

The recruitment industry is realising that offering training to staff is no longer simply a tool to ‘fix’ under performance but that it is a much more valuable and effective solution if used as a catalyst to create the high achievers that may be sitting in your company who are as yet, unearthed.

Previously, we have worked with small to medium recruitment companies, who may not have a dedicated L&D person, to help them with strategy and delivery of support as well as working alongside dedicated Internal Recruitment Trainers to support them with large L&D projects that need delivering to tight deadlines.

What do we do?

Barnaby Clarke Training are known for working directly with Recruitment businesses (established or new, large and small) with staff at all levels of experience from completely new starters to Senior Managers and Directors.

It can be difficult to narrow down our services as every client that we work with needs a slightly different package from us, but here goes…

Initially, we provide 3 core services:

Classroom Training:

Either at your premises with only your staff or scheduled off site training with others from the industry.

Performance Coaching:

One to one work with staff at any level of experience.

Design work:

Maybe you wish to have a unique training offering for your staff but don’t have the time or inclination to design it yourself.

This generally falls into one (or more) of the following development areas:

  • Induction/New starter development
  • Experienced Recruiters who want/need guidance on how to take their desk to the next level
  • Team Leader/Management development

We take a considered, holistic view with every new client that we work with…being very aware of the implications of not only the actual act of training or coaching but also the periphery considerations such as how the intentions around staff development is communicated to the business, who attends, timings and much more.

We will be happy to run through this with you at any time.

Why choose us?

Quite simply, we dedicate our time solely to supporting the recruitment industry in its growth and development.

As an established yet remaining a ‘boutique’ recruitment training company, we place high value on results and reputation.

We are pleased to say that most of the clients we work with have come from positive ‘word of mouth’ and referrals and the majority of our clients work with us on an ongoing basis.

The Trainers at Barnaby Clarke are experts in their field, whether that be Recruitment, Management, Sales, Communication, Performance Coaching and/or ‘Train the Trainer’ so can offer support and advice to whatever level your business needs.

Our History

Barnaby Clarke Training was launched in January of 2014 by Claire Birks, a highly experienced and fully qualified Trainer and Performance Coach.

This came off the back of 7 years of in-house training and coaching for 2 of the industry’s leading Recruitment Companies, preceded by 8 years of working as a well-respected, successful Recruiter.

The passion and respect that Claire holds for the recruitment industry drove her to launch Barnaby Clarke Recruitment; we are told frequently that this is evident in our interactions with our clients and their staff.

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We are passionate about both recruitment and training and would love to hear from you about the support you are looking for to strengthen your business. 

Either choose from our list of standardised recruitment workshops or let us tailor our service to your exact needs.

We mainly cover Birmingham, West Midlands, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Staffordshire, Shropshire and Warwickshire. However we always welcome the opportunity to work with recruitment businesses nationwide.